Bar Meals


To Start


Soup of the Day (see chalkboard) with a freshly baked crusty Baguette             GF, V, Ve (Depending)            £4.75

Deep Fried Brie Wedges Cumberland Sauce and side salad  V       (£11.50 as main (5) with chips) (3) £6.50

Garlic Mushrooms served on half an English Muffin with a side salad      GF no Muffin, V,              £5.50

Deep Fried Breaded Whitebait served with tartare Sauce and a side salad                                                        £6.50

Prawns with Marie Rose Sauce       GF                                                                            £7.50

Nachos Tortilla chips smothered in Chilli sauce, melted Cheese, Sour Cream and Jalapenos  GF, V            £8.00

Southern Fried Chicken Strips(3)with hot sauce and side salad  (£13.00 as a main (6) with chips)   £6.50



Main Courses


Salmon, Cod, Prawn and Smoked Haddock Pie                                                          £14.00

A delicious mix of Fish and Prawns bound in a creamy white wine sauce, served in Puff Pastry (GF with no pastry)

Steak and Ale Pie                                                                                                            £12.50

made with matured locally sourced Stewing Steak, Cumberland  Mustard and House Ale          (GF with no Pastry)

Chicken and Mushroom Pie                                                                                                      £12.00

made with Chicken Breast and with a White Wine and Cream Sauce    (GF with no Pastry)

Vegetable Bourguignon with a Thyme Dumpling                                                       £11.50

made with Courgettes, Aubergines, Mushrooms and Onion with vegetarian Dumplings  V, VE

Mince Beef and Thyme Dumplings (2) made with Best Steak Mince                                  £11.50

Cumberland Sausage served with Onion Rings                                                           £12.00

award winning local Cumberland Sausage. Please ask for Gravy if you wish it.  (Gluten Free Sausage Available)

Cheese and Onion Bread and Butter Pudding                                                             £10.50

made with Mature Cheddar, Wholemeal Bread and Free Range Eggs  V

Breaded Scampi (Premium Wholetail Scampi)                                                                           £11.50

8 oz. Sirloin Steak (with Tomato, Mushrooms and Onion Rings)                                              £18.50                                                

The above are served with chips and peas or side salad, or new potatoes and vegetables




6 oz. Beef Burger in a Sesame Seed Bun                                                                       £9.00

Vegetable Burger Cheddar Cheese in a Sesame Seed Bun (VE)                                        £7.50

Battered Chicken Fillet Burger in a Sesame Seed Bun                                                £9.00

Double Pork and Apple Burger in a Sesame Seed Bun                                               £9.50


Add to your burger

Cheese                        £1.00               Smoked Bacon           £2.00            Onion Rings(3)        £0.50

Lettuce and Tomato  £1.00               Jalapenos       £0.50         Barbeque Sauce         £0.50


All Burgers served with Chips and Side Salad


Main Courses (cont’d)


Ground Chilli Beef Enchiladas                                                                                     £12.50

smothered with grated Cheese, served with Rice, Tortilla Chips, Extra Hot Sauce and a side salad

Vegetable 3 Bean Chilli                    GF, V, Ve (with no Cheese)                                        £10.50

served with Rice, Grated Cheese, Tortilla Chips and Extra Hot Sauce    

Homemade Pork Mince Lasagne                                                                                  £12.00

served with freshly baked crusty Baguette and side salad

Homemade Mushroom and Red Pepper Lasagne V                                                    £12.00

served with freshly baked crusty Baguette and side salad 


Curry and Noodles Menu


Chicken Tikka Masala  GF                                                                                              £9.50

Medium Hot with Cream, Yoghurt and Coriander 

Beef Madras  GF                                                                                                               £9.50

Medium strength with Tomato, Onion and Madras Spices

Sweet Potato, Chick Pea and Spinach Curry                                                                £9.50

In a smooth Coconut flavoured Curry Sauce GF, V

Keralan Cauliflower and Red Pepper Curry                                                               £9.50

Cooked in a Keralan spiced Sauce GF, V, VE


All of the above with Rice, GF, V, Ve

ADD Poppadoms, GF, V, Ve £1 Lime Pickle and Mango Chutney GF, V, Ve £1 each  Naan Bread GF, V, Ve £1.50


Singapore Stir fried Vegetable Noodles V (except prawn Crackers)                                  £9.50

Egg noodles with Mixed Vegetables in a Spicy Oriental Sauce with a bowl of Prawn Crackers


Add to Noodles          King Prawns  £3.50               Sliced Battered Chicken       £2.50


Side Orders


Chips                   £3.00   Chips, Cheese or Gravy  £3.50     Chips, Cheese, & Gravy  £4.00

Extra Gravy       £0.50               Onion Rings (8)    £1.50             Side Salad                  £2.00

Bread Roll          £1.00                 Naan Bread   £1.50      Poppadoms (2) and Pickles £3.00


Dessert Menu


Chocolate Fudge Cake (cold, or warmed through)                                                         £4.50 

Fresh Cheesecake (ask for today’s flavour)                                                                     £4.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce                                                           £5.50

Apple and Raspberry Crumble                                                                                      £4.50


All served with Cream, Ice Cream, or Custard. (Add £1 for 2)


Choice of 3 English Lakes Ice-creams                                                         2 scoops    £2.50

 From Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate                                                      3 scoops    £3.50


Cheese and Biscuits; Choose from Mature Cheddar, Blue Stilton, Crumbly Lancashire, French Chevre, and Cumbrian Smoked Cheddar with Biscuits, Butter and Grapes         Per person only,                1 Cheese  £4.50         2 Cheeses   £6.00           3 Cheeses £7.50


Hot Beverages


Coffee             Cafetiere for 1 £1.80    Espresso      £1.80              Latte               £2.40

Tea                  Pot for 1           £1.60    Speciality     £1.80       Mesh Infusion       £2.20

Hot Chocolate            £2.60